Karihome Story

“Karihome” is a global brand, whose name was inspired by “Karitane”, a local parenting service facility in New Zealand. The members of the facility include doctors, nurses and volunteers. It provides medical care, healthcare consultation, nutritional and parenting advice to parents with infants and toddlers under 5 years old.

Due to our appreciation of Karitane’s vision - “to be the guardian of children’s health, help bring happiness and warmth to every family”, we used the Chinese translation of Karitane, “Karihome”, as the brand name for our milk formula. We hope to demonstrate the Karihome brand spirit “Your nutrition, naturally" to meet infants & toddlers’ nutritional needs.

Breastmilk is the main source of nutrition for newborns. “Karihome” understands parents want the best for their babies, so since the establishment of Karihome in 1991, we have incorporated studies conducted by renowned medical and infant experts internationally to develop products most suitable for the constitution of infants and toddlers in the Asian-Pacific region, and we vow to keep the most stringent quality control. Over the years, we have been importing goat and cow milk powder produced and packaged in New Zealand. Karihome products follow strict milk product processes and hygiene standards mandated by the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries. Karihome products are of the highest quality and meet infant and toddlers’ nutritional needs.

Over the years, Karihome has been upholding its brand spirit “Your nutrition, naturally to keep all babies healthy”. As an enterprise that feels the responsibility to feedback to the society, not only do we participate in many charity events, we have also donated dairy products through Eden Social Welfare Foundation, a foundation in Taiwan which shares our views regarding social responsibility, as early as we introduced the product to the Taiwan market. They serve as resources for care of mentally retarded children and spread the love of Karihome to every corner of the society. 

As an enterprise thrives, it is the responsibility of the enterprise to feedback to the society. Karihome is glad to realize this belief through Eden. In the future, we will continue to participate in charity events. We also hope to set an example through our action and encourage more enterprises to devote their resources and help more mentally retarded children and dysfunctional families.