Goat Milk Powder
Goat Milk Powder
Karihome Pre-school Formula
Karihome Pre-school Formula
Karihome Pre-school Formula is a natural progression from karihome Growing-Up Formula. Its composition has been modified to meet the nutritional needs of this age group.
Age: 3-7 years
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Good Nutrition

Goat milk contains high level of nucletiodes, sialic acid and taurine naturally which are vital for the health and well-being of the children. In addition, high content of casein phosphopeptides (CPP) in goat milk increase the solubility and absorption of minerals by our body.


Reduce allergenic burden

Goat milk contains less allergens than cow milk, thus the chance of getting allergy reaction by goat milk consumer is lower. Many children who experienced itchy skin and rashes after drinking cow milk were have fewer and less severe reaction when they switched to goat milk.


It improves tummy health

Goat milk can prevent the loss of the gastrointestinal tract barrier function. Great development and maintenance of gastrointestinal tract barrier function helps to reduce the risk of getting gastrointestinal problems such as vomiting, diarrhea and tummy upset.


It’s easier to digest

Goat milk forms softer curds which can e digested more readily than dense cow milk curd. Goat milk can be digested about a third of time faster than cow milk.